Go Green Diesel Exhaust Fluid 2.5 Gallon

Arocep Germicidal Ultra Bleach can be used on hard-non-porous surfaces in commercial, institutional, hospital and household premises (including kitchens, bathrooms, nurseries, sick rooms, laundry rooms) eating establishments, pet kennels, veterinary premises, farms, dairies and food processing plants.

Product Details:

  •  Cleans
  •  Disinfects
  •  Deodorizes
  •  Sanitizes
  •  NSF/ANSI 60 certification for water treatment
  • Kills HIV-1 (AIDS virus) and Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (TB)
  •  EPA Registered
  •  NSF Nonfood Compounds B1, B2, D2 & Q4 certifications